Legend Series


June Iparis, a fifteen-year-old prodigy, is chosen to find and capture Day, an infamous criminal who has been charged with a serious crime. Day has fought against The Republic his entire life while June has reveled in The Republic lifestyle for the rich. I don’t want to write to much because then I’ll just give it all away. I must say I was a bit apprehensive before I decided to read this book because of Hunger Games and Divergent. They’re both good series but I just wanted to read something that was a little different. I’m going to be honest after finishing the Divergent series I didn’t pick up another book for about 3 months because of the amazing ending. It really through me for a loop. One of the things I really liked about this book was even though all 3 books are connected they were different stories. Marie Lu uses great detail and imagery to create this futuristic world. She ends each book so that theres still an amazing yet interesting story left to continue. Were not left wondering what happens or doesn’t happen to certain people because you can tell she has thought these characters out until the end. Marie Lu also wrote this series in two perspectives which is not always easy. The story is written from the perspectives of June and Day. Even though they both live completely different lives; it all comes full circle. If you want more don’t hesitate to ask. This is only the beginning.


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