The Bone Season

Bone Season

I finally finished reading The Bone Season on Friday and I must say it isn’t what I expected. I picked up this book because my brother recommended it to me and we have very similar taste but I was a bit disappointed. I thought this book was going to keep me on edge until I got the next one but thats not how things turned out.

The Bone Season is about Paige Mahoney, a gifted clairvoyant, a “dreamwalker,” in the year 2059. Her natural talents are considered criminal under the current regime. Snatched away to a secret prison, she encounters another race, the Rephaim, creatures who wish to control the powers of Paige and those like her. One in particular will be assigned as her keeper, her trainer. But his motives are mysterious. To regain her freedom, Paige must learn to trust, in the prison where she is meant to die.

Samantha Shannon has a great story on her hands but the execution of it all wasn’t up to par with the hype that has surrounded it. I felt that she breezed through the characters way to quickly and didn’t develop them well. There are a lot of characters in this story and its hard to get through a story when you have no idea who these characters are or what they really look like. This book could’ve used a lot more descriptive language. I feel that it was to premature to decide that this should be a 7 book series. Even though that seems to be the trend these days there are some stories that can be done in less books. A series should come natural but I feel it was forced on her because the publisher who was also knew her was excited about it. The comparisons to JK Rowling can also cause a problem because it adds extra pressure on her as a writer to create a story that lives up to her idol. I believe that she has a great story in her. I just hope she sticks to what she wants to do and doesn’t change things for the sake of popularity. Hopefully Bone Season turns out to be a really good series. Only time will tell. I look forward to reading The Mime Order and seeing how the story has developed.

The Mime Order is set to be released October 21, 2014.


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