Books being turned into Movies!

Books being turned into movies. Why?

          I love a good movie just as much as I love a good book but lately it feels like every book I read is getting turned into a movie. Now I understand that the movie industry is trying to capitalize on the success of recent books turned movies such as Hunger Games, Divergent Series, and The Fault In Our Stars. But not every book is meant to be a movie. Especially since alot of the times screen writers add or take away certain elements of the books that are vital to the story.
       Most people that aren’t avid readers or fans of the author won’t notice the difference. A person like me who looks for the little details always notices the cuts and additions in a movie. What about the fans that have invested their time and energy into these characters and stories. I love to write and my goal one day is to have something published because I want people to travel to another world. The world I create with my writing. Not for fame, money, or a movie deal but because I have a passion for writing and getting my thoughts and ideas out there. I want my writing to spark a discussion and inspire others.
          Am I expecting to much? Has the world of reading really changed that drastically? Tell me why do you write?


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