Book Haul


As much as I tell myself I’m going to stop buying books for a while. It never happens. I just can’t help myself I love books so much. I live in NYC and I think one of the BEST bookstores is the Strand which is located on 12th Street and Broadway. They  have 4 floors. Plus the many books that are outside ranging from 1 dollar-4 dollars. So of course I spent about two hours in there just looking at all of the books. I got a variety of books. Two of them out of the stack were recommended to me and the others I just picked up.

  1. Gamiani or Two Nights of Excess ~ Alfred de Musset
  2. Rhymes with Witches ~ Lauren Myracle
  3. Shadows ~ Paula Weston
  4. Letters to My Daughter ~ Maya Angelou
  5. Throne of Glass ~ Sarah J. Maas
  6. Anna Dressed In Blood ~ Kendare Blake
  7. Cinder ~ Marissa Meyer
  8. Multicultural Education in the 21st Century

I thought this was a good selection of books because its not just a dystopian book which I’ve been reading a lot of lately. Now I’m hoping to get to read these books soon so I can write some reviews and recommend some new books to you guys. If you’ve read any of these and have any thoughts or recommendations let me know.


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