Literary Crush: Liane Moriarty


lianemoriartyLiane Moriarty’s books are like dessert. They are the sort of the reads that will have you say, ‘Oh, just one more chapter’ and then suddenly discover it’s four in the morning. Although we’re headed into the throes of winter, Moriarty’s writing makes for perfect beach reads – ones that won’t leave you eye-rolling at saccharine endings or infinite amounts of fluff (though, okay, there is some fluff). There are mysteries and secrets and unspoken words that cause trouble to no end. And when all of these things start to untangle, it’s like a virus, infecting and permanently impacting lives.

Moriarty is Australian, so it makes sense all of her books are set with the suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne as their backdrop. I love looking into what suburban Australia is like. It’s such a delightful culture – bits of American bluntness and attitude right there with British etiquette and…

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4 thoughts on “Literary Crush: Liane Moriarty

    1. Hey! Thanks. It’s not that I don’t like it. Something about it just feels off. I looked at your blog when you said you had the same theme and I realized it might be because my background is purple and not brown. I think that’s throwing it off for me. I’m going to change the color to see if that changes it for me. I’m going to follow you too : ).

      1. Ha! Ha! HalleluYah! So glad for your positive response! Yeah, colors is the key I have found out! My draw back is ‘busy’! I do Graphics in Photoshop and I tend to cram all of them in one page! Until my lifetime friend makes a comment about it! And, taking this course is causing me to ‘amend’ my ways!
        Hope you find my articles to be ‘good reads’! I do have a published autobiography if you care to check my main site, I’ll give the url as soon as I fix the free books page–the links are not working.

        I see you are following me–Thanks! Tell u what? This course is a blast! In my main site I did not want anyone’s comment because 99% of my content was misunderstood, but then, MIRACLE! Blogging 101 popped in my world and now I am having the chance of my life for people to get to know me and understand what really is in my heart! 🙂

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