Unread Book Tag

Hijacked Tag: Unread Book Tag

Unread Books Tag, hijacked fresh from TheReadables of YouTube.

1. How many unread books do you own?

I have 28 unread books and they are all brand new. I got them all within the last 3 weeks.

2. How many books do you own that you have read?

I own about 40 that I’ve read.

3. Do you buy more books than you read?

Yes lol. Books are constantly being suggested to me and I’m always at the bookstore even when I know I shouldn’t be since I haven’t read the books I already have.

4. Why do you think you haven’t read your unread books?

I havent read these books because they are all brand new and I haven’t had the time. But I’m trying to get to them as quickly as possible.

5. Are you going to go on a book buying ban?

Well I’m attempting to go on a book buying ban. This will be my 3rd try because I really want to get through the books I already have but It’s so hard because I love books so much and i just can’t resist going into a bookstore. As much as I try to leave without buying a new book it never happens.

There you have it, the Unread Books Tag. Feel free to hijack away.


16 thoughts on “Unread Book Tag

  1. O you poor thing! I know all about your malady, but, there is hope! My malady no longer exists–that’s one of the miracles in the life that I now live! You’ll find that out as you make my acquaintance that hopefully turns out into a lasting friendship! 🙂

      1. Ha! Ha! Well, the meaning of the word is pretty strong! But I use such word just for fun to say that the world of mental health consider us unhealthy on account of our pure and simple habits.

        O well, ‘labels’! My malady rather compulsive buying earned me the label of ‘bipolar’! since then that label is no more! So now I make fun of the whole situation with our innocent habits!

        The moral of the story is: there is hope! I am no longer troubled with compulsively cramming my bookshelves with expensive computer books that went out of date before I made the time to read them!

        Now, the how that label is no more is what my story is all about–a miracle! And that’s what I mean with my hope that we become friends so you can find out some more about these sort of things!

        affection, ail, ailment, bug, complaint, complication, condition, disorder, distemper, distemperature, fever, ill, illness, infirmity, disease, sickness, trouble

      2. O well, the way you put it with all those un-read books, it brought me back to my past in the same situation. (Guess you are not plagued with same malady as i was! Ha Ha HalleluYah!) 🙂

      3. Oh no most of my unread books are because they are brand new. I got them for Christmas and my Birthday which is why they are still unread. I will get to them all being that my goal this year is to read 100 books.

      4. Yes you were right all of the USA was sleeping at that time. It is rather late now but it’s the weekend so it’s okay. I looked over your autobiography a little and I have to be honest and tell you it was a little hard for me to read with alot of the religious references and that was the samething I noticed looking at your blog. I think its beautiful that you write about that but it’s difficult to understand because it doesn’t seem welcome to interpretation. I hope you don’t take offense to this. It’s just my opinion.

      1. Ha! Ha! Feelings? What are feelings? Just fleeting emotions that come & go like the waves of the sea! No longer suffer with that ‘malady’ either! thanks be on high! 🙂

      2. Glad you like it! Keep in touch! without bragging there is a lot of beauty in my wacky ways and you might be interested in getting deeper into my writings. Way there when I was a science fiction aficionado big time! With patience you might find a lot of fiction in my writings! 100 books? it will turn you into a veritable ‘book worm!’ Watch out! You don’t want to turn into a worm of any kind! lol 🙂

      3. Oh yes of course. I’m definitely going to really dig into your blog and read your posts.Ooh science fiction is fun. I love fiction. Yeah I’ve become quite the book worm already just sitting on my couch entranced in a good book lol.

      4. A worm! You poor thing again! Or maybe not so poor! Here goes one of my pieces about worms and subsequent thought about you being a ‘book worm’!

        ‘So once the author like a wingless butterfly caterpillar must go through its transformation or change in shape in a pitiful looking stage—wingless and unable to even move much less fly, so, the author like a pitiful wingless butterfly caterpillar was not able to display any beauty at all!

        And in her pitiful stage the author felt even less than a caterpillar—she felt like a worm crawling wingless on these earthly grounds… Yet what a difference it is after Yahuwah/Yahushua stepped into her life! Now, like a butterfly, her beautiful wings among men she can display.’

        Of course, in your case, there is hope. For a ‘book worm’ does crawl rather it flies with the wings of whatever the author displays! Cheers! 🙂

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