To My Reader…


         This quote resonates with how I’ve been feeling. I’m sure we all wonder what mark we’ve left on the world and how it will affect our future. Through writing I can leave behind my journey and experiences. But along with that comes my failures and disappointments. As a writer we’re constantly fighting for perfection. I write, cross it out, then repeat that all over again. I have a variety of stories and poems that are unfinished. Just sitting like a lonely puppy waiting to be picked up yet I sit here and start another. I’m telling you this because there’s nothing wrong with imperfection. There’s nothing wrong with unfinished work as long as the end goal is to complete it.

          I know this isn’t easy to hear because as writers were always asked for the finished product but that’s not always the goal. I don’t just want to write to put out something. I write to inspire, motivate, and relate to other people. Writing is a way to connect with others through words alone. With your words your’e giving someone the chance to escape from their day to day life and explore a fantasy/new journey. That’s what I hope to one day leave in this world. A journey that will take readers from one place to the next. I’m not the only one. You can do it too. Just keep writing and stop erasing. Just go with your gut and write from the heart.


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