Book of the Week: Fables Volume 2 by Bill Willingham


Book of the Week: Fables Volume 2 by Bill Willingham

I can’t believe I’m late posting this but its been a busy two days. This week I finished Bill Willinghams Fables volume 2. I’ve always loved reading comics and graphic novels. But lately I’ve really gotten into reading things that are retelling the classic fairytales we heard as a child. Bill Willingham took those stories and turned them into something amazing. He tells the stories with a twist. I recommend this series to anyone that is into fairytales and comics/graphic novels. The artwork and storytelling is amazing. These deluxe editions have 10 issues in them. There are currently 9 volumes but 150 issues.


As Snow White slowly recovers from a bullet to the brain, she and Bigby spend a lot of time in each other’s company. But when they announce that they’ll be vacationing together, all of Fabletown is shocked! The twosome’s sudden departure from New York City — and the deadly peril they’re about to fall into — is surely no match for the ruthless enemy who’s still lurking in the back woods. This volume also includes the special FABLES: THE LAST CASTLE, we learn of the great war that forced Bigby Wolf, Prince Charming and Bluebeard to leave their homeland in search of a safe haven. As the battle rages, we meet a mysterious woman in red, and learn why Snow White’s deputy, Little Boy Blue, only plays the blues on his trumpet.


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