The Dismantling by Brian DeLeeuw Review

A high stakes thriller that questions how much of yourself are you willing to sell, for whatever the reason may be.


Brian DeLeeuw hits that sweet spot between literary and commercial suspense with his brilliantly adept, ingeniously plotted novel—a chilling, fast-paced drama that urges readers to question the meaning of atonement and whether revenge might sometimes be the only way we can liberate ourselves from our past. Twenty-five-year-old med school dropout Simon Worth is an organ broker, buying kidneys and livers from cash-strapped donors and selling them to recipients whose time on the waitlist is running out. When a seemingly straightforward liver transplant has an unexpectedly dangerous outcome, Simon finds himself on the run. In order to survive, he must put aside his better moral judgment and place his trust in a stranger who has a shocking secret.

The idea the author had behind this book is very interesting. I was really looking forward to this book being that its unlike anything I’ve ever read before, but was very dissapointed by what was presented. This is an eye opening glimpse into the illegal transplant trade, and the people that, out of desperation to live, take part in it. Don’t expect a neat ending. There are some truly shocking moments in this book, and the author’s ability to combine psychological explorations with a fast pace, will keep you turning the page. At the same time the flashbacks didn’t fit, and took a minute for me to figure out who was talking, because the transitions weren’t so clear. I don’t want to say I completely disliked this book because there were some interesting parts but it wasn’t something I really enjoyed either. This book isn’t for everyone but if you like the summary you should give it a try at least and let me know what you think. I will have a giveaway coming up for this book. Keep on the lookout for that.


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