Guest Post: Q&A with Sejal Badani, author of Trail of Broken Wings

I’m really excited because I’m able to share with you this guest post which is a Q & A with Sejal Badani the author of Trail Of Broken Wings.

You’ve lived in many cities across the US (on both coasts, and in the south). How large a role did location play in telling the story? Could this story have taken place anywhere else?

 SB: As a young girl growing up I used to watch airplanes in the sky and yearned to explore the world. Since then, I’ve been very fortunate to have lived in different parts of the United States and to have experienced various cultures and communities in each. Though I set the story in the Bay Area, it absolutely could take place anywhere because it’s a search for the home within you, not an external place.

What do you feel each sister is looking for throughout the story?

SB: Each sister is on a journey of self-discovery, to understand who they really are separate from the definition given to them by the abuse.  When searching for themselves, they come to realize that it’s not the place or their experiences that define them, but the choices they make as an adult and the people they allow into their life. That is their true home. It’s a story that doesn’t limit itself to class or culture but instead speaks to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Award-winning short fiction writer. Debut author. Lawyer. Mother. Wife. Tell us a little more about Sejal Badani.

SB: Always having been a writer, I am immensely grateful to also be a mother, wife, daughter and sister. Having been on my own journey of healing, I know in my heart that each one of these roles and the people in my life was an integral part of helping me to redefine my future. I honestly believe that there is novelist in each of us – we all have a story to tell. That I have had the opportunity to tell this story and for there to be the possibility that it even helps one person on their own path to healing is incredibly gratifying.


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