Lost Identification

I’m currently working on a book review which you will be up later today, but I finally got the writing section of A Reader’s Oasis the way I want it so I figured it was time to post something I’ve written. This is just a little piece I wrote in my creative writing workshop. It was a exercise where you had to write about something you had lost. It has to be an object. Try out the exercise and see what comes of it. Post it in my comments below so I can see what you’ve come up with.

Lost Identification

         It was my entire identity on a square bendable card. It had all of my info on it. Birthday, address, name, height, eye color, and signature. I was in complete shock when I realized it was gone. What made it worse was that I had no idea where I lost it at. It could’ve been anywhere from a pizza place to the great lawn in central park. Once I realized that I knew there was no chance of finding it. It felt like my independence and freedom was just taken from me. The first thing that ran through my mind was what if a crazy person found it and came to kill me. Only I would think something like that but this is New York City and you just never know. Even though it was expired I was very attached to it.
I had to take a test to get it and I passed on the first try. It wasn’t unheard of but I felt that was special. My learners permit allowed me to drive with restrictions and go for a drink during happy hour because I was constantly being asked for id which an be annoying. It was all I really needed along with my money, keys, and cellphone. Theres something about this tangible thing that made me feel like I had all the freedom in the world.
Even though I knew there was no chance that I was going to find my id. I started walking back through central park to see if I saw it lying aimlessly on the floor somewhere. But no luck tons of people had already passed through this park and anybody could’ve taken it or it could just be under some mud or squirrel food.
This was my only identification I wasn’t going to walk around with my birth certificate or passport. That would be weird. I was dreading retaking the test to get a new permit because I wasn’t sure if I would pass it on the first try again and if I didn’t I would be devastated. Everyone just kept telling me to get a regular state id but I didn’t want that because I loved to drive and a regular id wouldn’t allow me to do that. I was attached to this little card that couldn’t do much but give me little freedoms but now that was all gone. I was hoping a nice person would find it and mail it to me but its been a week and now I know I wont ever see it again.


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