Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi Review

Hey Everyone,

I hope you had a good weekend and had a good Monday. I finished Furthermore a while ago and I have to say I absolutely loved it. This book is very different then her Shatter Me Trilogy which I mention, because you can’t compare the two. Furthermore is very fun and whimsical. The perfect middle grade book. 


Tahereh Mafi is known for her beautiful writing and this book is no different. She is extremely descriptive and every line is written with distinct purpose. She did a great job building this world and with her descriptions it’s easy to visualize. Especially with how the story relates to color. I loved Mafis writing style in this book, because at times the narrator talks to the reader. This is very different then her Shatter Me series which was very poetically written. I haven’t read a middle grade book in a long time, but this book is very colorful and it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. 

I don’t think this book is for everyone especially since it’s a middle grade book. I know to some the way the characters behave may seem annoying, but we have to remember our main character is 12 years old. I recommend this book to everyone if you’re looking for a silly, whimsical, fun, yet dark read. There are real life elements to this book that I think would be great for all kids and even adults to read. 

“She’d decided long ago that life was a long journey. She would be strong and she would be weak, and both would be okay.”


“Why must you look like the rest of us? Why do you have to be the one to change? Change the way we see. Don’t change the way you are.”

I would love to hear what you all thought if you’ve read this book. If you haven’t read it do you plan on it? What are your favorite middle grade books?



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