Why I Read YA Books

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Happy Sunday!!

Today’s post is going to be about why I read YA (Young Adult) Books. More and More I see comments across all social media and in daily conversations about adults reading YA.

“You’re an adult; why are you reading a young adult book.” 

“Don’t you think that’s weird.”

“Why don’t you read books for people your age.”

Hearing these comments made me wonder when we started placing a stigma on people reading certain genres. My goal is to help people realize why they should be reading and promote that wholeheartedly. Even though young adult books target a different audience; realistically the term “young adult” references a person between the age of 18-25. For some reason, sometimes this age is lowered in the publishing world which is fine, but that doesn’t mean the target audience is the ONLY audience.

I got into reading YA again after I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, because at the time I predominantly read Fiction, Literary Fiction, and Memoirs. I still love those genres, but I find escaping into a YA book completely different. A few years ago the kids I worked with and my friends were adamant that I would love YA specifically The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. This book was popular at the time and they were saying I was missing out. As an adult it is sometimes fun to remember what life was like as a teen and reminisce. I tend to do that with YA contemporaries; they remind me of all the angst, emotions, and relationships you deal with as a teen. According to a survey taken in 2012 55% of YA readers are adults. If you want to check that out; here’s the link (Why are so many adults reading YA and Teen Fiction?).

Here are a few of my contemporary favorites:

One of the reasons I enjoy reading YA is because it connects me to my youth which has shaped me as the adult I am today. YA is not always but often told in first person which means that there are a lot of strong voices throughout this genre. Something I enjoy is the amount of strong female leads in YA books. If you compare this to other genres a lot of stories are still predominantly male.

Below are just a few of my favorite YA series which feature strong female leads:

YA has changed my reading habits. Not many readers notice, but as a person that’s obsessed with books one thing I notice in book stores is that YA is filled with a bunch of genres on the same shelf. Fantasy, mystery, sci-if, contemporary, and etc. When looking at adult literature, fantasy, sci-if, romance, and mystery are all separated into different sections. In my opinion this creates separation for a reader and makes the assumption that readers don’t read across all of those genres. Since in YA these are usually shelved together I’ve started reading genres I assumed I didn’t like such as fantasy which I used to stay away from, because they’re usually really long books. Since I’m a person that loves detailed writing, I realized I was missing out on something special. 

All writers are gifted with the ability to write such unique stories with very detailed worlds that they have to build. It takes time, energy, and imagination to create something unique and different. As authors I’m sure they don’t just want to share that with one reader but with all readers. In books there’s always something to learn and gain from reading different stories. I challenge you to go outside your comfort zone and read something new and different. Like every other genre in the world YA isn’t just for children/teens but for all readers. These are just some of my Reading Thoughts and I will have more for you very soon. If you would like any book recommendations or if there are other things you would like to see on A Reader’s Oasis just let me know.

Reading Thoughts.jpeg

I hope you all have a great Sunday and Happy Reading!!

What are some of the comments you’ve heard from people about reading YA Books?




  1. I’m only 15 too but I love YA and agree with you. I think reading a Young Adult book gives you a much greater and more different experience than with an “older” book, especially modern YA fic. I think there’s much more that can related with young adults, and it presents a whole new set of challenges. I couldn’t agree with you more! 16 out of the 24 books I’ve read this year are YA! 🙂

  2. Although I’m a young adult myself, I have definitely seen the sometimes negative stigma surrounding YA books, and I can’t fathom why. Just because they are centered around a younger age group, it doesn’t mean they are lower quality… *shrugs* I definitely agree with your post, though. Keep reading whatever you want!! 🙂

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