What would you do if you could create a Dream Crate?

Hey Everyone!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

I hope everyone is having a good Friday. I know sometimes the week can feel like it’s dragging especially if it’s been a crazy week, but I hope all of you made the best of it, and I have a fun post for you today. A person at Loot Crate reached out to me and asked if I would like to be involved in a fun project. She said Loot Crate is always looking for fresh ideas and asked if I would be interested in creating my own Dream Crate. This doesn’t mean this Dream Crate will come to fruition, but you never know. It only takes one amazing idea.


I was told the sky is the limit and I should go over the top if I felt it’s necessary. If I could create a Dream Crate I would want to draw attention and interest to something that may not be noticed as much. In today’s world I think more movies, shows, and books are trying, but we’re not completely there yet. The theme I would choose is Heroes, but not just any hero. Fictional Female Heroes!!


This image above is of a variety of strong female fictional characters we all know. At least I hope most people know. If I could create a Dream Crate this would be the theme and how the box is focused. Since I love funkos my Dream Crate would include any female fictional hero and maybe their sidekick if they have one. Like Mulan and Mushu, Ariel and Sebastian, Batman and Robin. There should be at least 4 circulating funks for these boxes so everyone ends up with something different. I would also include a wearable item like a scarf, tote, socks, or t-shirt. This could have a logo created specifically for the theme on it. Every strong hero needs to have some strategic planning in place which is why I think there should be some type of notebook/pad with a cool quill ink pen included. The perfect way to keep those ides/strategies in one place.


Something else I think would be cool to include is a patch. The kind you can iron on or including mugs/cool tumblers. I love a good mug and having a different one related to this theme could be cool. There are so many options possible but this is what I’ve come up with so far. I really enjoyed writing this post and thank you to Loot Crate for reaching out to me and asking for me to take part in this. 

What would you put in your Dream Crate?



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