Book Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Hello Everyone,

December is in full swing and Christmas is 7 days away. YIKES!! This holiday is a big deal in my family, because it’s one of the few times before the year is over that we get to spend together. The last few months have been flying by and I feel like I’ve barely had a moment to catch up. I’ve had ideas of changing up A Reader’s Oasis a bit, but I’ve been on a little hiatus due to my work schedule.

The holidays are upon us and almost everyone is in shopping mode. Especially, last minute shopping mode. Whether it be for Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, boxing day, or any other holidays you celebrate at this time. I figured a Holiday Gift Guide would be a fun post for the holiday season. Today’s gift guide will help you find that perfect gift for the Book Lover in your life. From my family to yours:

                         Happy Holidays

Personal Library Kit


The personal library kit is great for the person that likes to track their books or keep a chronological record. With their own stamp and ink when lending out a book they can ensure the borrower knows the due date. This is a fun way to keep your at home library in order.

Book Mug


This is just one photo of the many bookish mugs available across amazon, etsy, redbubble, and many more sites. I personally love drinking my coffee while reading and these cute mugs will make any reader who enjoys a cup of coffee or tea with a good book. 

Alice in Wonderland Print


This art print is beautiful and it’s one of many. There are so many great sites that have a variety of prints from different books. 

Book Lover’s Journal


Magnetic Bookmarks


Book Light


These are just afew things I’ve enjoyed and I think any book lover would love to receive this holiday season. They’re also fairly easy to find at your local Target, Barnes and Noble, local bookstore, or Amazon.

                     Happy Shopping!!!


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